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Rooted in Innocence

The grassy fields, void of any trespassing footprint or soul, kept him calm in his weakest moments. The ones when he feels he’s slipping away and losing sight of what’s reality and the tranquilizing thought of a peaceful world. His eyes shut tightly and his head falls back while gravity helps with the pull. A deep breath is inhaled and a shaky sigh is exhaled. The day had been worse than the usual torturous one. Images flashed through his mind and his fingers raked through the grass, desperately trying to find a way to push the freshly formed memories away.

He jumped to his feet as a voice whispered in his ear, “You have a very loud mind. Keep it quiet.” Feminine. She let out a dark chuckle. His first instinct told him she is an enemy but his heart told him she had a solid reason for coming to him. He decided to use both instinct and heart as he felt power surge through his soul and connect with the earth. He had practiced this many times before and he still could not fathom how he had ended up developing this. As impossible as any of this came to be, to him, it happened to serve as a useful tool when he needed it the most. Tree roots whipped from the ground grasping and whirling around her. One fastened its way around her neck and if she was human, she would’ve been suffocated from the roots’ vicious hold. Her arms were strapped at her back tied to the other side of the trunk as well as her legs.

The one real fascinating characteristic about her was her vibrant red hair. The twisted smile on her lips retracted his eyes. “What are you doing here?” he demanded. “Dear, oh, stupid, oblivious Novexus. I came here for you. I intend to bring you home, where you belong.” His eyes widened and he couldn’t help but to mull over her words. ”I intend to bring you home, where you belong,” which could mean anything.

“Where is it that I belong?” he questioned, brows furrowed deep like a worm digging a hole in the mud. Nothing Novexus ever had lived in had been considered a home to him. The word sounded foreign to his lips and tongue. Despite knowing almost everyone had something home-like that they lived in and loved, he did not. Every experience of living in a place others called home, made him angry because they had something or someone they loved and knowing his parents did love him at a point didn’t make him feel any real connection with a person. Just one person would satisfy him and maybe even let him feel something again. It’s been months since he really felt anything but anger or sadness. He had a calm feeling flutter around in his belly every once in a while when he came here on his own. The earthly void of forest land helped maintain his sanity while he moved from place to place. Sure it had never been the same set of trees to contribute to the calm and comfort when he desperately needed it, but it still felt the same in a way.

“You are more mature then I would have expected. You know exactly how to control yourself and that could be a real asset to us if you decide to come with me.” She stared deep into his hazel orbs trying and failing to determine whether he would crack or crumble. He stayed as emotionless as stone. “I was sent here by my leader who could potentially be our leader. I’m good with talking and it’s why they sent me and no one else. You don’t belong here; you belong with us and our kind of people. Some call us the not-humans,” the perplexed expression said he didn’t fully comprehend her words so she continued. “I want you to let me explain without this tree root crushing my throat.”

Novexus thought about it and since she didn’t seem to want to threaten him, he decided to do only that. He flicked his wrist and the root slithered back into the ground. “How do you know my name?” he asked sullenly. She sighed and said, “My leader knows only your name and where I could find you. Nothing else; just that. We search for as many recruits as we can. Some agree and some don’t. I won’t drag you there considering I’m the one still attached to the tree and held captive. I want nothing more than to offer peace and a home for you. Do you want that?”

His feet swiftly backed him into a tree and he shook his head feverously. Rage built up in his eyes and to say he glowed was an understatement. He blinded the woman with the angelic and bright white raging light radiating from his body. A scream emanated from his rumbling chest and he fell to his knees, clutching his hair as a poisonous pain sliced through his mind and body like a deadly toxin.

“Calm down; take deep breaths! Listen to the sound of my voice!” she yelled over his agonizing screams. “Breathe in the earth around you and feel it calm your anger!” The more she shouted out, the more roots circled and swiveled around her body. They closed around her throat so she wasn’t able to calm him. Her pleads reached his ears and he tried focusing on the earth around him while taking ragged but deep breaths. Soon, he started to break. He tasted salt on his tongue and lifted his hand to his cheeks.


His tears.

One’s he’s never shed before.

Dizziness and nausea swept him over while he continued to catch his breath. He groaned as his mind continued to numb the pain as it always has and he used his sleeve to wipe the remaining bits of water falling from his eyes. He shut them tight and rested his head against the base of the tree. Novexus rallied up the courage to glance at the one across from him. He saw the roots slowly flitting away into the dirt. “Di-Did I do this?” his voice hoarse and raspy still shook from the prior event. She nodded and he felt consumed with guilt. “Do you want me to explain still? I can help you and I’m sorry my words made you have an attack like that. I had no idea; I’ve never met an elemental specializing in the earth category.” He shook his head and just whispered, “What’s your name?” He wanted no explanation at the moment, only the name of the woman who saved him from his misery just moments ago.

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