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The Simple Problem

Posted by Reflections on July 1, 2014 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

You sit on a small hill, the breeze blowing your clothes and hair. You look at the setting sun with a notebook in your lap. You really wanted to describe the sunset and write it down, not wanting to forget it. You hear small scuffling behind you and you couldn't help but set the pencil down and turn around to see a white bunny right behind you looking in the grass. A small smile comes to your face as you see the word 'Plot' written in black on it's side. A larger smile comes to your face as you reach to grab it. It looks at you and your outstretched hand. You could see it's nose twitching before it hopped towards you. You could see the idea practically in it's eyes. All you needed was for it to touch your hand. It finally brushes it's side against your hand and an idea comes into your mind and you are glad to get out of your rut. Grabbing your pencil you start to write down the idea. There was a bit more scuffling behind you, but you ignore it for a moment and finish the sentence. Another idea comes into your head and you jumped looking at your words before down at a black bunny with a white word 'plot' written on it's side. You frown, "I only wanted one idea." You mutter at the bunny a bit sadly. You liked the idea it gave you, but it didn't go with what you were writing. You look up the hill and your eyes widen at the sight. More and more plot bunnies were headed towards you.


Standing up you start running down the hill and away from the pursuing plot bunnies. "To many ideas i don't want them."


Bunnies are really fast you managed to find out.

Chi's First Entry

Posted by Chi on June 30, 2014 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Here starts the glorious month of JULY! This means camp nano, 4th of July and a whole bunch of other fun activities, but I--of course--will be either up late, working, and writing all 31 days of this month, woot woot!