Kingdom of Chaos

Writers without Souls


       Welcome one and all to Kingdoms of Chaos, please enjoy your stay here in our haunted forest, and do mind your step--the monsters seem to come out more frequently as of late... Oh, but don't let that deter you from our homeland young traveler! Come, sit down and make a home with us, chose a house and a maiden Goddess to take you under her wing. Whether you belong to the House of Loki, Até , Eris or Seth, we are all among the Kingdoms of Chaos. 

To our beloved writers, feel free to "sign up," though beware, symptoms include loss of your soul.

You may find the available "Houses" under the "More" option. 

Head of Loki: Chi 

Head of Até : Kat

Head of Eris: Angel

Head of Seth: Sparrow 

Headmaster: Q 

Untamed Dragon Woman: Dragoncita

by Professor Q over a year ago
by Chi over a year ago
by Kat over a year ago
by Kat over a year ago